Unique IT Services for Your Business

As a full-service IT consulting firm, navtech solutions offers the following services:


Strategies and Planning

Getting reliable results from a system requires in-depth planning, development, installation and management. Our team of IT experts understands every aspect of a complex project or system — from planning to project management, design, development installation, testing, training and implementation.


Technology Assessments

The quality, performance and security of your system can be vastly improved with our technology audits. Working together with your in-house teams, we analyze your IT infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities. Then we set priorities that match your personnel and budget requirements.



Installing and testing your new platforms can cause nightmares for even the most seasoned IT professional. Navtech Solutions IT experts can thoroughly tests and re-tests all software prior to your switch-over date. You can rest assured that from the moment you connect your new system, all data and system functions as you need it to.


IT Budget Planning

The highly trained and experienced project managers at Navtech Solutions can help you acquire the technology you require to reach your business objectives within a budget that works for you.

Additional services

  • Application development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application or network enhancement
  • Platform migration